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Three Common Cold Weather Auto Issues


As The Christmas Season Rolls Around, So Do The Cold Weather Car Issues. Don't Have Any Holiday Breakdowns This Year, Watch Out For These Common Cold Weather Auto Issues.

1. Dead Battery

It's important to get your battery tested when you notice the cooler temperatures. Extreme cold weather can pull voltage from the battery, which makes starting your car a lot more difficult.

In addition, your car is powering more components during the winter, including the heater and increased headlight time. Nothing is worse than going out to your car in the cold only to find out that it has died. Don't let it happen to you!

2. Lower Tire Pressure

For every 10°F drop in the temperature, expect your tires to lose one psi. This loss in pressure could lead to bald tires, and bald tires do not perform well in winter. It can make driving on icy roads incredibly dangerous.

3. Thicker Fluids

When the temperature drops, the fluids in your car become thicker. This makes it harder for your car to run properly. Be sure the keep an eye on all of your fluids in the colder weather. This means checking your oil, power steering, transmission fluids, and antifreeze.