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POWER Wheels!

POWER Wheels! CAUTION!  This article could potentially create a safety hazard and get you in trouble with your significant other, although your kids will love it!  Replacing the 8 volt battery on a Power Wheels with an 18 volt power tool battery will turn a kid’s toy into an 11+ mph plastic go-cart! I’d heard about swapping the battery on a Power Wheels, but never gave it much thought until I inherited one with a dead battery.  After a little research, I decided to upgrade the battery and see what happened.  This is my experience… Working in the automotive industry and being a “do-it-yourselfer” I have several battery powered tools.  For me, it was much easier replacing and charging a lithium tool battery than waiting 18 – 24 hours for the original 8 volt lead-acid battery to charge.  Aside from quicker charge times, when the battery dies you can easily change it out and keep f ... read more