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Inner Workings of an A/C

Inner Workings of an A/C Can you remember a time when all we had was cold iced tea and a pair of vent windows to keep us cool as we drove into Austin?  If you were lucky enough to have A/C in your car, you had to move the switches/levers on the dash to manually control the different parts of the A/C system.  Unlike modern vehicles, these A/C systems were very basic.  Today, vehicles are easier to keep cool while cruising down the road, but also much more complex!  The modern A/C system affords the occupants the luxury of automatic cooling functions and different vent temperatures throughout the vehicle.  Here is a little information to help you understand how an A/C system works and why they are so expensive to fix.  To begin, an A/C system is composed of 3 separate systems that work together as one.  These systems are the A/C control unit (AKA, the computer), the ventilation system, and the refrigerant system. The A/C control unit is one of many c ... read more

Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch Father’s Day is upon us and what better way to celebrate than highlighting the relationship between a father and his son. This month we bring you two very special individuals who are incredible community members, Ed Taddia and his son, Ryan. The Taddia family moved to Dripping Springs in 1990 because it brought them close to their family in Austin while having the advantages of a quiet, small town, in the rural Texas Hill Country. Some of Ryan’s earliest childhood memories are of his father coming home from work.  Ed’s hands and clothes often carried the distinct smell of the shop: a combination of hard work and petroleum products, something Ryan will always remember. Ed would get home right before dinner and usually return to the shop once the kids were on their way to bed.  On the weekends, he would bring Ryan to work where he passed the time sweeping floors, cleaning tools, and looking over his dad’s shoulder with a flashlight ... read more

Why Does My Car Shake?

Why Does My Car Shake?  Why does my car shake?  This is a question I often get asked.  With everything going on under the car this question can be hard to answer without additional information.    Some vibrations can cause safety concerns, others can be just an annoyance.  That’s why it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by an ASE certified repair center to confirm the cause.   Driving vibrations occur when there is a worn /lose component or when there is an imbalance in a rotating part.  Determining how and when the symptom occurs can tell us a little about the vibration and narrow down the possible causes.  Here are a few symptoms to consider and some possible causes associated with each.  Why does my car shake when I hit the brakes?  This is called brake pulsation.  In most cases it occurs when there is a warped brake rotor or brake drum.  When the wheel ... read more

POWER Wheels!

POWER Wheels! CAUTION!  This article could potentially create a safety hazard and get you in trouble with your significant other, although your kids will love it!  Replacing the 8 volt battery on a Power Wheels with an 18 volt power tool battery will turn a kid’s toy into an 11+ mph plastic go-cart! I’d heard about swapping the battery on a Power Wheels, but never gave it much thought until I inherited one with a dead battery.  After a little research, I decided to upgrade the battery and see what happened.  This is my experience… Working in the automotive industry and being a “do-it-yourselfer” I have several battery powered tools.  For me, it was much easier replacing and charging a lithium tool battery than waiting 18 – 24 hours for the original 8 volt lead-acid battery to charge.  Aside from quicker charge times, when the battery dies you can easily change it out and keep f ... read more

Dripping Springs Neighbors: How long will my car last?

How long will your car last?  This is a common question that might be harder to answer than you’d think.  There are many things that can shorten a vehicle’s lifespan.  Driving conditions and our habits behind the wheel can play a large role in long-term wear and tear.  But if we put these aside, the area that makes the most difference in keeping vehicles running better for longer is how they are maintained. So, what is maintenance?  Preventative maintenance is defined as “service that is routinely performed on physical assets to reduce the chances of equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime.”  Most of us know that the engine oil must be changed, but what else and when?  Some other maintenance items include engine air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters, coolant, fuel system services, shocks/struts, etc…   Every manufacturer provides a minimum maintenance schedule for the vehicles they produce base ... read more