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Inner Workings of an A/C

Inner Workings of an A/C Can you remember a time when all we had was cold iced tea and a pair of vent windows to keep us cool as we drove into Austin?  If you were lucky enough to have A/C in your car, you had to move the switches/levers on the dash to manually control the different parts of the A/C system.  Unlike modern vehicles, these A/C systems were very basic.  Today, vehicles are easier to keep cool while cruising down the road, but also much more complex!  The modern A/C system affords the occupants the luxury of automatic cooling functions and different vent temperatures throughout the vehicle.  Here is a little information to help you understand how an A/C system works and why they are so expensive to fix.  To begin, an A/C system is composed of 3 separate systems that work together as one.  These systems are the A/C control unit (AKA, the computer), the ventilation system, and the refrigerant system. The A/C control unit is one of many c ... read more