ProTech Automotive is aware that not all vintage vehicles have been through a complete restoration or necessarily need one.
At ProTech we offer antique auto service, diagnostics and repair. In an ever-growing market of classic auto enthusiasts, we are often called upon for antique car repair. Whether you need to address drivability concerns or simply want to update or upgrade certain systems in your classic vehicle, ProTech Automotive values your business and offers a complete menu of repair services.
Our experienced technicians are familiar with the challenges presented when repairing classic cars, and we offer a diversified approach to classic car service, diagnostics and repair. Our knowledgeable staff excels in integrating aftermarket parts with original equipment.
Whether you need a muscle car repaired, hot rod repaired, or want to update your classic, the technicians at ProTech Automotive have the expertise and experience to handle all of your vintage car service and repair needs.