You can expect top-quality car and truck repairs at Dripping Springs Auto.

At Dripping Springs Auto we understand the importance of reliability and confidence when it comes to your vehicle repairs. We put a strong emphasis on preventative maintenance to keep your vehicles running smoothly but we are here to assist you if unexpected or major repairs are needed.


diesel repair dripping springsYou depend on your diesel vehicle for the powerhouse performance it was designed to give. Whether you drive a diesel car or truck, your vehicle deserves the best diesel maintenance and repair service available in order to give you many years of safe and reliable service.

At Dripping Springs Auto, our medium and light duty-diesel ASE Certified Technicians know diesel engines inside and out. From minor repairs including preventative maintenance and brake and suspension repair to major repairs such as replacing cylinder head gaskets, high pressure fuel and oil pumps, and EGR and oil coolers, we have you covered. Have the confidence that your diesel engine is running at peak performance by trusting your diesel investment to our experts.

Our ASE Certified truck repair technicians have the skills and experience to watch and recommend services and products if left unattended could result in expensive repairs down the road. Our thorough inspections and state-of-the-art factory level diagnostic equipment gives us the ability to diagnose and recommend services that will keep your diesel motor ready and able to perform when you need it.

Dripping Springs Auto is dedicated to giving our customers 100% satisfaction by guaranteeing our services and products. We offer friendly, affordable diesel maintenance and service programs for all makes and models. Our service program can provide you with a smooth running motor and additional warranty coverage on common failure items such as fuel injectors, fuel and oil pumps, and timing chains and guides, just to name a few. Preventative maintenance keeps those small repairs from becoming major repairs. For more detail, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss the options to keep your diesel vehicle in good shape and on the road.